Easily Installable and Washable Carpet Tiles

Machine Washable

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Modern Soft Carpet at Great Prices.

Stain Proof & Spill Proof

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Pet Proof

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Our proprietary and easy "FriXion Pad®" installation technology

By using FriXion Pads® that stick and grab solidly to the back of the tiles there is no need for glue or tack strips to install your new LCTs™. Very easy to install.


Easy to Handle or Move

Seamless Appearance

Cushion Already Attached.


"Our new Luxury Carpet Tiles were so easy to install using the FriXion Pads. The boxes were delivered to our home and we installed them in our bedroom in about 40 minutes. The carpet is nice and soft and we love the color. Just a very easy process."

Mrs J Simmons

"I was able to pick up my new Luxury Carpet Tiles at the store and bring them home in the trunk of my car. By using the FriXion pads that came in the box the installation was so easy. I really love that when I move, I will be able to take my carpet with me."

Mrs. Katie J

Luxury Carpet Tiles (LCT®) are the easiest way to beautiful modern and affordable Soft luxury carpet. Our proprietary installation method not only makes it easy for you to install your carpet yourself, it also allows you to re-install your carpet multiple times as no glue is used. Most competitors' products use peel and stick on the back of their tiles so you can't wash them or re-install them again in another room or home. You really don't need any special tools to install LCT™. With a straight edge, tape measure and utility knife you should be able to accomplish the job.

Select your Color

Luxury carpet tiles come in 5 colors (Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Beige and Light Beige)


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Send us a picture or video of your Luxury Carpet Tile installation and we will send you a 25$ Starbucks eGift card.


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